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Furniture Sales in Waynesboro, PA

Do you want to enliven your space? Find timeless furniture in different designs and finishes at Sanders Furniture Refinishing & Upholstery Inc. in Waynesboro, PA. Our pieces are beautiful and are made to last for years. Visit our showroom today to see our amazing inventory. Our staff will show you around so you can have more interior design options.

Invest in Well-Crafted Furniture

Have you ever wondered how a room can be so alluring without trying hard? The secret is investing in well-crafted furniture. It's best to consult experts who have eyes for details and color matching for this matter. However, if you want to do the furniture shopping on your own, come to us and we will help you in finding the right piece for your space.

Visit Our Showroom

High-quality furniture doesn't happen on its own; it is conceptualized and created by skilled artisans. Every corner, detail, and material is carefully considered before it is deemed saleable. Our merchandise will remind you that mixing functionality and beauty is possible with the right skill. Call us at 717 762 2461 today for more information about our furniture.